Carole Stacey is a registered provider to work with children through the Better Start program, Medicare Better Start, WA NDIS, National Disability Insurance Agency (ndis) and the PITS (Perth Children’s Hospital) funding program. She provides detailed assessment and treatment for babies, children and teenagers who are experiencing difficulty with movement, coordination, mobility or strength.

Problems may relate to over-flexible joints (hypermobility), muscle weakness or tightness, muscle strains or tears, bony growth plate problems or postural and foot problems. Find out more about our Children Orthopaedic services.

Problems may be caused by abnormal muscle tone/tension, abnormal reflexes, muscle imbalance, sensory dysfunction, learning problems or visual-motor delay.

Neurological conditions may be present from birth or acquired later and may include brain or nerve damage. These require special management of all the aspects of a child’s development. Find out more about our Child Development & Neurology services.

Education is provided to parents to assist in understanding the problems children face with these conditions.

Advice is given concerning therapeutic play and activities or sport a child enjoys so that their full potential can be realised.

Work on motor planning skills, sensory awareness and improvement of gross motor skills, arm and grasp strength and writing skills can be included in therapy management.